Event Calender

3.01.2018, Wednesday

7PM FP concert hall: Piwnica pod Baranami – Christmas Carols „For Town And World”

4.01.2018, Thursday

7PM AM, Gdańska 20: Special Concert. Mariusz Patyra (violin), Mariusz Klimsiak (piano). Works by: Brahms, Debussy, Ravel

6.01.2018, Saturday

1PM MCK: Christmas Concert„Hey, On The Day Of Birth” Song And Dance Ensemble Płomienie from MDK No 4 with Ukrainian vocal ensemble Ektenia from Iwano-Frankowsk. Concert by Płomienie and their guestsfrom Ukrain is a fabulous occasion to sing carols together and spęnd time with families. We are going to take you for a journey showing the beauty of our country

7.01.2018, Sunday

4PM New Palace in Ostromecko: Sacred And Christmas Music Concert performed by the City Centre Of Culture’s choir conducted by Marta Ronek-Koślińska. The City Centre Of Culture choir was founded in March 2012. The founder and the conductor of the choir is Marta Ronek-Koślińska. The core of the choir consists of a group of friend who for years have shared passion for singing together. Thanks to following recruitments new members have joined the choir and it now consists of 25 members. Admission free.

8.01.2018, Monday

12AM and 6PM ON: Alice In Wonderland – guest opera-ballet performances for children

11.01.2018, Thursday

7PM AM, Staszica 3: CXXIXth Organ Concert. Julian Gembalski – organ

12.01.2018, Friday

7PM FP: 100 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE. Pomeranian Philharmonic Orchestra, Kai Bumann (conductor), Katarzyna Gołofit (piano)

13.01.2018, Saturday

5PM FP, Szwalbego 6: Land Of Bydgoszcz – New Year’s concert

14.01.2018, Sunday

10 and 11.30AM AM, Staszica 3: CXCVth Music Morning for children and parents

16.01.2018, Tuesday

7PM AM, Staszica 3: CCLXXXth Bydgoszcz Music Tuesday – doctoral students of AM In Bydgoszcz

17.01.2018, Wednesday

7PM WiMBP (attic): ANIMOCJE festiwal welcomes: Between Heaven And Earth – Gems Of Ukrainian Animation

19.01.2018, Friday

7PM FP: Piotr Salaber And His Music – theatre and movie scores and more

20.01.2018, Saturday

5PM ON: The Nutcracker – ballet by Piotr Czajkowski

23.01.2018, Tuesday

7PM ON: The Nutcracker – ballet by Piotr Czajkowski

7PM AM, Gdańska 20: Special Concert. Diana Chubak (Lvov) – piano; Lidia Reznikova (Moscow) – piano. Works by: S. Prokofiew – VII Sonata B-dur op. 83, B. Latoszyński – Prelude op. 38 no 1, S. Rachmaninow – Etude-Painting D-dur op. 39 no 9, F. Chopin – 2 Mazourkas op. 17, S. Rachmaninow – II Sonata b-moll op. 36. Admission free.

24.01.2018, Wednesday

7PM FP: Minimal Music. Chamber Orchestra Capella Bydgostiensis, Piotr Pławner (conductor, violin)

26.01.2018, Friday

7PM FP: American Pops Concert. Pomeranian Philharmonic Orchestra, Mariusz Smolij (conductor), Jolanta Wagner (soprano) – hits of Broadway

7PM MCK: Progressive Evening vol. 3 + premiere of the new album by Art of Illusion: Concert for the fans of progressive rock during which there’s going to be a premiere of the latest album by Art Of Illusion.

27.01.2018, Saturday

4PM AM, hall in Grodzka 1: Musica Spiritus Movens. Performed by teachers and students of the Faculty Of Vocal Music And Drama of the AM In Bydgoszcz

8PM MCK: Sorry Boys: Amor Tour – Concert by one of the shining stars of Polish music. The band performs alternative rock music with an ethnic touch.

28.01.2018, Sunday

12AM New Palace in Ostromecko: Dance Rhythms – „Academy For Children music morning

4PM AM, New Palace in Ostromecko: Academy In Palace. Karolina Mikołajczyk (violin); Iwo Jedynecki (accordion); Przemysław Wojciechowski (accordion)

6PM ON: Pietro Mascagni – Rustic Chivalry – 1 act opera and Ruggiero Leoncavallo’s – Clowns – 2 acts opera with prologue

30.01.2018, Tuesday

7PM ON: Pietro Mascagni – Rustic Chivalry – 1 act opera and Ruggiero Leoncavallo’s – Clowns – 2 acts opera with prologue